WSI Certification Programs

Certified WSI Digital Marketing Professional

A WSI Certified Digital Marketing Professional is much more than a Digital Marketer. Applicants go through a rigorous selection process in order to secure a spot in the certification program.

Once the applicant is admitted, the candidate begins an intensive 6 week online training program. They are also connected with a personal business coach during this period to help prepare them for the second part of the certification, a comprehensive 7 day training program. This in-class training takes place at the WSI eBusiness Academy in Toronto, Canada, where the trainees take a final examination which they must pass before they begin their WSI business practice.

Once our WSI Certified DM Professionals are in the field, we have a personal business coach work with them for three months to ensure high quality standards and to guide the WSI Digital Marketing Consultants in this critical phase of their business for early and optimal success.

A Consultant's life of learning has only just begun once they have successfully completed the Certified DM Professional designation. The next step is to attain the WSI AIM Executive Certification which is outlined on the following page.

If you are interested in learning more about the training program or how you can become a business owner in this dynamic industry, contact us today.

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