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Email marketing is so effective (when executed correctly) and so inexpensive that an entire industry has emerged to support it. A new millennium counterpart to traditional direct mail, email marketing offers unprecedented targeting capabilities allowing you to customize your messages to appeal to different groups of customers for much higher response rates.

Develop a Profitable List

Building a client email list should be a top priority for any business owner, but there's more to it than just collecting names and addresses. Email advertising systems, such as those offered by your WSI Franchise Consultant, are capable of categorizing your customers on just about any criteria you can think of. This is important because the more relevant your message is to the recipient, the better your results will be. Want to run a promotion for customers in a specific ZIP code range? You can do that. How about sending a different message to male customers than you do to female customers? You can do that too. You can even get really creative and categorize customers based on the types of items they buy from you (and then notify them about new accessories, styles or models)! WSI Internet Franchise Consultants can show you how to build this type of capability into your email advertising efforts quickly and easily.

The Top 3 Advantages of Email Marketing:

  1. Unmatched customer targeting and tracking capability
  2. Lowest cost per unit of any advertising medium 
  3. Creates ongoing awareness of your brand and offerings


Building Customer Relationships

So why is email marketing important to your business? Put simply, today's consumer has a long list of buying options and a very short memory. Staying in regular contact with your customers is one of the best ways to remind them that you still exist and appreciate their business. Regular newsletters, promotions and announcements will keep your business fresh in their minds, and they'll appreciate the personalized and relevant information you're sending them. It's about building customer loyalty and the Internet makes it easier than ever.
Through email, you can keep in touch with your customers, thank them for their business, provide special discounts for them, and of course, encourage repeat purchases as well as offer complementary products and services.

Remember, if you want their attention, you have to earn it!


Don't Damage Your Reputation with SPAM

Did you know that if just one person marks your email as SPAM, you may get blacklisted from an email delivery server? Imagine all of the hard work you put into crafting the perfect email and it doesn't get to any of your clients! Your WSI Internet Franchise Consultant will guide you away from the dangers of SPAM to ensure you are providing relevant and important emails that are structured to obtain the highest response.

For more information on how you can boost your online marketing efforts by implementing an effective email marketing campaign, contact us today.


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