Luxury brands around the world have adopted a unique marketing strategy, recession spending fell after the rebound.
Research from the economic point of view Replica gucci handbags, entitled "Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2010" by Millward Brown as the world's most powerful luxury brands.
"Brand, take full advantage of digital technology and new media, Wholesale gucci handbags personalized brand experience will find a huge success," Pierre Dupreelle, Millward Brown Optimor, the vice president of New York.
"The most successful brands will stand a chance to be pursued, to provide online services," he said.
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Millward Brown is a global brand strategy and financial consulting firm.
Here are the top 10 luxury brands. They were ranked by brand value, contribution and momentum:
1. Louis Vuitton - is considered the most valuable luxury brand, in the last five years, Louis Vuitton continues to position itself as the eternal and true. The brand prices, investment in innovation and focus on quality, rather than in a recession affect its brand value. Louis Vuitton overall brand value rose 2 percent to $ 19.78 billion.
2. HERMES - brand chose to focus on its heritage, because most of the Hermes is still family-owned, by sponsoring a horse competition was held in Paris. HERMES "overall brand value rose 8 percent to $ 8.46 billion.
3. Gucci - Italian luxury brand teamed up with Replica gucci handbags Christie's to evaluate the vintage Gucci bags and handbags to give the brand a leading competitor. Gucci overall brand value increased by 2 percent to $ 7.59 billion.
4. Chanel - brand value fell 11 percent to $ 5.55 billion. This is a sign of the times soiled. Although Chanel continues to attract affluent consumers, its classic quilted bags, cosmetics and perfumes, many consumers away from the garment.
5. Hennessy - Louis Vuitton value cognac brands have dropped 1% to $ 5.37 billions but still very popular in China.
6. Rolex - Luxury watch maker, as well as other high-end jewelry manufacturer, suffered greatly throughout the recession. Rolex overall brand value fell 14% to $ 4.74 billion.
7. Moet & Chandon champagne and - Moet & Chandon champagne is still the top brand, even if it's brand value fell 12 percent to $ 4.28 billion.
8. Cartier - Richemont has reported decline in its own brand boutiques and sales of third-party retailers. Cartier overall brand value fell 19% to $ 3.96 billion.
9. Fendi - famous presence in the United States, "it" bag collection, Fendi huge luxury in Asia. LVMH is seeking to reposition the brand. The overall value of the brand fell 8 percent to $ 3.2 billion.
10. Tiffany & Co. - manufacturer of luxury jewelry is not Replica gucci handbags even a little line in the next ranking list last year, but its brand value grew by 6 percent to $ 2.38 billion. Tiffany & Co. plans to expand in Asia and Western Europe.
2011 ranking results by Millward Brown released in April.
New ways to remain relevant
According to the study, some well-known brands to cut the forefront of fashion merchandise, rather than focusing on the establishment of its own brand and create their own brand heritage classic.
"Emphasize heritage and enhance brand exclusivity, such as Hermes, indeed better than the pursuit of a mass-market brand," said Mr. Dupreelle said.
As the economy started to recover, the luxury brand is likely to focus on their core consumer. The brand will be less likely to provide the low-end commodity supply only as a badge souvenirs.
Online will continue to be an important sales channel for luxury goods. Exclusivity and refinement of signals luxury experience must meet the standards.
Looking to the future
In the next 12-18 months, the brand will emphasize the style and craftsmanship, and heritage of the golden substance, according to the study.
Brands will use digital media to convey their consumers to provide personal and exclusive luxury experience.
Consumers in developed markets will be looking for some Gucci bags outlet investment in four, rather than frivolous indulgence.
"Substances of concern (eg craft, heritage) and sublety (individually wrapped), will continue to promote economic growth in developed markets luxury brands, consumers will continue to" invest "in them to buy luxury goods," said Mr. Dupreelle said. "In Asia, the use of bling and brand" badge of status "in order to attract consumers to expand its scope in the mass market."
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