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Toronto, Ontario, September 16, 2010… WSI, the world’s #1 digital marketing franchise, conducted an online training session this week where hundreds of business owners and marketing professionals attended to expand their knowledge of effective landing page design. The webinar was hosted by Chuck Bankoff, a WSI Consultant and landing page conversion expert located in California, USA. The session, which was entitled “Landing Page Design: Common Mistakes and Tested Techniques”, was aimed at providing business owners 6 essential steps to landing page design, including important elements such as page length, navigation bars, color, text and other design aspects that make for a powerful, conversion-focused landing page.
Chuck Bankoff, WSI Consultant and webinar presenter, says, "A landing page is where Web visitors land after clicking on an email link, a search engine result, a banner ad or manually typing in a specifically advertised address. It's easy to fall into the trap of throwing money into driving traffic and living with your conversion rate. This is not exactly efficient or cost effective. People do not read on the Internet; they scan. They see headlines, images and bullet points. Depending on the personality type of your visitor, you have between 2 and 8 seconds to convince them to stay on your website and delve deeper into it. During this presentation, I discussed some important steps to ensuring your landing page converts the traffic that you drive to it."
Chuck Bankoff is a WSI Certified Research Analyst, and has certified other WSI Consultants around the world in Landing Page Design and Conversion Architecture strategies. Chuck is currently serving his third term on the WSI Internet Consultant Advisory Council and is a sought-after speaker at Internet marketing conferences in both the United States and Europe. To view Chuck’s WSI website, please visit: www.WSIeWorks.com.
Educating business owners on the value of digital marketing and how to leverage today’s tools and technologies to enhance one’s overall marketing strategy has always been a core value of WSI,” says Ron McArthur, president of WSI. “Our monthly expert webinar series is only one of many educational platforms that WSI offers to the business community. As a worldwide leader in digital marketing, our organization strives to provide a learning environment for business owners and marketing professionals to expand their knowledge of digital marketing to ultimately increase their bottomline. Our Internet marketing and social media specialists regularly share their knowledge with the business community through many channels, including hands-on workshops, Internet marketing summits, business seminars and webinars. We are very pleased with the overall attendance and feedback received after this month’s webinar on landing page design.”
WSI launched its monthly educational webinar series in 2009 to give business owners worldwide a channel to increase their knowledge of various topics related to digital marketing. These monthly webinars are delivered by digital marketing experts within the WSI network, and each month an accompanying whitepaper is also made available. To learn more about landing page design, please download a complimentary whitepaper from: http://www.getwsipowered.com/landingpages
For more information, please contact Valerie Brown-Dufour at 1-905-678-7588 ext. 1370 or vbrown-dufour@wsicorporate.com.
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About WSI – we simplify the Internet:
WSI is the world’s #1 franchise offering digital marketing services to suit the needs of multiple industries. The company has the world’s largest Digital Marketing Consultants’ network and a strong head office in Toronto, Canada. WSI Digital Marketing Consultants have helped thousands of small and medium-sized businesses realize their online marketing potential. By using innovative Internet technologies and advanced digital marketing strategies, businesses can have a WSI Digital Marketing System tailored to their individual needs to elevate their Internet presence and profitability to new levels. In 2009, WSI was the proud recipient of 5 Standard of Excellence Awards at the Annual WebAwards Competition organized by the Web Marketing Association (WMA). With the support and cooperation of its customers, franchise network, employees, suppliers and charitable organizations, WSI aims to help make child poverty history through its global outreach program.
For more information about WSI’s offerings and business opportunities, please visit our website at www.wsidigitalmarketing.com. For digital marketing tips, strategies and ideas, visit our blog at: http://blog.wsidigitalmarketing.com/. Please follow us online at: http://twitter.com/wsisocial, http://facebook.com/wsisocial, http://ca.linkedin.com/in/wsisocial.
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