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Modular Development Technology™

Modular Development Technology™ is WSI’s technological framework for faster, more affordable website delivery.

When Henry Ford created the assembly line, the concept was revolutionary but quite simple; build the best car possible, and find a way to quickly replicate it millions of times over, with the kind of quality standards that would exceed even the best hand- built automobile. While every Web solution created by WSI is unique, the development processes leverage the same kind of production efficiencies deployed by Ford.

By analyzing thousands of unique Internet solutions, WSI discovered that the vast majority of client sites could be developed through standard “building blocks” assembled in non-standard ways. Just as the DNA of each living organism is made up of 4 simple amino acids, assembled in many different ways to create many different complex organisms, WSI has created a series of building blocks that make up the “Web DNA” of a unique Internet solution. By configuring each of these building blocks in a way that is unique for each client, the client receives a unique Internet solution tailored to his/her needs.

The development of these building blocks and the processes for assembling them are what make up WSI's trademarked Modular Development Technology™ (MDT). These MDT components are stored in a Digital Asset Management system that WSI refers to as the Code Depot™, along with the various development standards.

Obviously websites can be built much more efficiently by re-using instead of re-developing programming code, but the benefits of the Code Depot go further. By re-using certified programming code, the quality of production is heightened to a level unsurpassed within the industry.

WSI Business Edge™  Solution

WSI Business Edge™ is a high quality and feature rich website solution that you control, simply and effectively.

Developed using our Modular Development Technology™, WSI Business Edge is an excellent platform for creating sophisticated, clean and versatile websites that work for all types of businesses. It has the flexibility to include powerful business functions like online shopping, email marketing, RSS news feeds, discussion forums, document management, Google Maps and much more!

Here are some of the WSI Business Edge highlights:

  • Opt-in Email System
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
  • Photo Gallery 
  • Document Manager 
  • Survey Manager 
  • Events Manager 
  • Feedback Manager 
  • Announcements Manager 
  • Dynamic Site-Map 
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Weather Indicator 
  • Module and Page Localizer
  • Language Selector 
  • Google Crawler Map 
  • ClickTracks 
  • Google Analytics 
  • and more...

Contact your local WSI Internet Franchise Consultant now to see how a WSI Business Edge™ solution can make a difference for your business, and start profiting from the Internet today.

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