Internet Marketing Systems

Internet Marketing Systems

The Internet as a marketing medium offers exceptional sales and brand building potential for the small or medium-sized business owner. Internet marketing is highly cost effective, offers many unique advantages that traditional advertising can't match and almost gives smaller businesses an unfair advantage over much larger firms (read on to find out why).

Internet marketing activities are generally focused on two goals; generating new customers through your website (by prospecting for new leads or increasing the conversion of your existing website traffic) and enhancing the value of your brand. These are typical goals, even of traditional marketing, but on the Internet they take on an entirely new dimension.

Your Online Visibility

An Internet presence is worthless unless people-- your customers--can find it. It's the ‘Build Targeted Traffic’ principle of our ABC's of Internet Marketing Success and it's a critical component of any Internet solution.  Fortunately, the Internet offers many affordable ways to increase your online visibility.

There are 5 Key Components of an Internet Marketing System:

  1. Conversion Architecture™
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Pay Per Click Services
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Web Analytics

For delivering more traffic to your website, search engine marketing is hard to beat. Search engines are the #1 method consumers use to find everything they're looking for online. Being listed and achieving a top rank on your industry's keywords can deliver a significant stream of prospects that are actively looking for the kind of products or services you offer. Experienced sellers know that reaching a potential customer during the right phase of their buying cycle is key to converting interest into a sale. Search engines have the unique ability to connect with prospects at the exact moment they're researching a product or service to buy; they want to find your business... so make sure they can!

Five Reasons You Need an Internet Marketing System:

  1. Build an ongoing stream of profitable traffic to your website
  2. Connect with customers when they're making a buying decision
  3. Maximize your ad spending by targeting only relevant keywords 
  4. Most cost effective way of expanding your market 
  5. If customers can't find you they'll find your competition

Other methods of traffic generation can help round out your overall strategy and reach those consumers who may not be savvy searchers. These methods include banner ads on other websites, link exchanges, even offline promotions that direct people to a sale page or other area of your website. Success with these, as with any advertising, lies in making sure your ads are being seen by the right group of people at the right time. This means knowing who you're targeting and where they can be found. The Internet can give you more information about your prospects than any other advertising medium and your WSI Internet Marketing Consultant can show you how to best take advantage of this in your own website marketing plan.

Big Branding on a Budget

In addition to the traffic and sales generating benefits of website marketing, there's another advantage that can't be overlooked. For many business owners, "branding" is a concept that seems reserved for big national and international companies with millions of dollars to spend on advertising. Granted, for a long time that was true and the big brands have spent billions of dollars over the years to make their companies a household name. Then the Internet came along and completely leveled the playing field. Thanks to the virtual nature of the Internet, smaller businesses can have an online presence that looks every bit as impressive as those of the big brands - without spending millions on brand development and promotion. A fresh looking, professionally designed Internet solution is affordable even for businesses with a limited budget, and they're flexible enough to grow as the business does.

In fact, many of today's biggest Internet brands got to where they are without spending a cent on flashy TV commercials or big advertising campaigns. Instead, they relied on a solid, reliable Internet solution and used Internet marketing methods to get the word out. Search engine marketing, banners and link sharing drove traffic to their websites, establishing and growing a customer base. Then they focused on building strong relationships with those customers by being attentive to their needs and offering products and services that were relevant and in demand.

It sounds simple, and thanks to the Internet it really is. Your WSI Internet Marketing Consultant can show you how to turn your business into a successful e-Business with innovative and affordable Internet marketing solutions.

Ready for results? To discuss a customized website marketing strategy for your business, contact your WSI Internet Marketing Consultant today.

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