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Pay Per Click Services

The best way to find new customers is to make sure they can find you when they are ready to purchase your product or service.

Wouldn't it be nice to appear when customers are searching for you?
Would you like to lower your cost of acquiring a new customer?

It's possible and pay per click advertising can help you reach targeted leads that will be funneled to your website instead of your competitor's site. In fact, prospects who would like to purchase your product or service could be searching for you right now! The key is to know exactly what they are searching for.

WSI Internet Franchise Consultants can develop a professional keyword analysis report that will be used to create a targeted pay per click search marketing campaign.

WSI’s Pay Per Click Calculator lets you see what your PPC Campaign’s Return on Investment can be.

Try our interactive WSI IM Pay Per Click Calculator below to get an idea of the kind of Return on Investment you can expect from a PPC advertising campaign to increase your web site traffic.

To enter your information:

Double-click inside the rounded value boxes and/or use the up and down arrows to adjust. Start by putting in your monthly ad budget, average profit per sale, and your conversion rate (the percentage of visitors to your business that actually make a purchase). If you don’t have the exact figures at hand, just use your best guess. Keywords for most businesses average a dollar or less, so experiment with different values to see a range of results.

For more information on how Pay Per Click services can impact your online marketing potential, be sure to contact us today to get in touch with a WSI Internet Franchise Consultant in your local area, to arrange a complimentary Internet Business Analysis.

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