WSI Advisory Council


The WSI global Internet Consultant Advisory Council (ICAC) was formed to help us keep our ear to the ground and maintain transparency through open and honest franchisee relations.

Elected by the worldwide network of WSI Internet Franchise Consultants, the 12 ICAC members represent various regions covering North America, Europe and UK, Latin and Central America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The mandate of this Council is to optimize communication and help leverage opportunities globally for the profitability and growth of the network.

The ICAC was created to leverage the intellectual capital and experience of the WSI Internet Franchise Consultant network. Council members work closely with WSI Internet Franchise Consultants in their regions, WSI headquarters, strategic partners and suppliers to enhance or develop systems, streamline or devise better operational procedures and inculcate best practices through focus on key disciplines. This allows WSI and its Consultants to maintain high standards of business efficiency and continue to deliver quality solutions to their clients.

It is the role of the Council to evaluate recommendations and innovations from around the world and make strategic recommendations to WSI. The Council is comprised of both WSI Internet Franchise Consultants and WSI senior management team members. The primary flow of information originates from WSI Internet Franchise Consultant Groups which have established themselves around the world, who work closely with their regional representatives. Council members then meet with WSI management on a quarterly basis and attend semi-annual WSI sponsored Excellence & Innovation conferences.
WSI believes that as a franchisor, we have a responsibility to listen to WSI Internet franchise owners and be accountable to their interests. The ICAC is the embodiment of this belief and has proven to be an effective conduit for the open exchange of ideas between us and WSI Internet franchise consultants worldwide.

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