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“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity.  It is an act of justice.” – Nelson Mandela
Inspired by these poignant words, WSI created its Global Outreach Program to help make child poverty history. As a first step in this mission, in July 2004, WSI partnered with World Vision to sponsor every remaining eligible child living in Ventanilla, Peru. Ventanilla is a deeply impoverished part of Peru, located north of the country’s capital, Lima, and is made up of about 70 small communities inhabited by 170,000 people. Peru’s poor endure extremely low levels of public infrastructure (e.g. roads, water purification, schools). WSI’s sponsorship efforts give young people in Ventanilla access to education, immunization against disease, and other vital services. By sponsoring children through World Vision, WSI is also helping to improve the quality of life in Ventanilla and to facilitate sustainable economic, social and cultural development. In early 2005, WSI joined hands with the Mississauga Ontario Firefighters who are also working on relief operations in Ventanilla to bring clean drinking water into the community. WSI’s outreach program has now evolved into a corporate partnership for community development work under the banner of Make Child Poverty History – MCPH.

The staff and associates at WSI work jointly to support the MCPH project through fundraisers, sports events, cultural activities and individual donations supported by WSI corporate donations. Through the willingness of all involved to give through participation, support and donation, significant amounts of funds continue to be raised to support this charity. As the campaign continues to grow, new villages are being added including Den Chai, Thailand, South Catabato, Philippines as well as areas in South Africa and Romania.

There are currently over one billion children living below the standards set by the United Nations Convention in the Rights of Children. There are also countless villages left without any aid for their children. These figures motivate us to keep striving to do more, to really reach out – one child, one village at a time. WSI considers itself as a catalyst – working with a group of like minded individuals and corporations who know that the suffering of children can be made a thing of the past.

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While our global operation in over 80 countries offers us a wide range of business opportunities and competitive advantages, it also exposes our company and franchise network to many social, ethical and environmental challenges. Acting as a good corporate citizen globally has always been important to us so we endeavor to continuously learn about and respect the local culture, customs and best practices in all regions where we operate our business. Having over 1000 local offices operated by highly professional consultants allows us to leverage our knowledge of local markets to serve our customers with a greater understanding of regional opportunities and challenges. We do this by committing ourselves to a consistent set of business principles and practices that reflect the following:
• Commitment to Family
• Commitment to Customer Education and Protection
• Commitment to Diversity
• Commitment to Positive Franchisee Relations
• Commitment to Positive Employee Relations

To learn more about our community initatives and commitments and to receive more information regaring our franchise opportunity, please complete the Information Request form below or call us today!

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