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Six Generations of WSI

Being a significant player and leader in the ever changing digital world, WSI has witnessed an evolution through 5 generations or 5 Gs of the Internet.  
G1 was all about flat brochure ware websites, which was the first stage on the Internet and that’s what WSI franchise owners first provided to customers.

  • People were simply surfing the Internet, there was no real functionality in websites.
  • Business owners needed a website to simply satisfy their ego and our WSI franchise owners were ‘techies’ at the time.
  • WSI franchise owners were provided software that enabled them to develop these types of websites.

G2 saw that the customers were now utilizing the Internet; they were interacting with websites.

  • They wanted more than just information; they wanted dynamic websites. This resulted in a major shift in the product and service portfolio as well as the delivery model for WSI.
  • This is when WSI franchise owners actually became WSI Internet Franchise Consultants and the Internet Business Analysis (IBA) process tool was introduced.
  • WSI Internet Franchise Consultants now started going in to consult with companies about how to make their websites more dynamic.
  • It was at this time that WSI Internet Franchise Consultants were no longer building the websites but in fact, WSI took over the development of these solutions. We were actually building the websites for our franchisees.

G3 was characterized with e-commerce hitting the Internet.

  • This is when companies such as eBay and started selling products online.
  • WSI leveraged the new opportunity by bringing on its flagship e-Commerce product called the World Merchant System.
  • So huge was the demand for this product that WSI had to step up and innovate in order to meet the market need. This is when the WSI e-Marketplace was born.
  • We brought on board production centres from around the world to help sustain the demand of delivery and maintain consistent quality for our World Merchant System.
  • In order to be able to deliver these solutions worldwide on the required scale, we had to develop a systematized delivery approach, which led to the Internet Lifecycle System ™ -  A six phase process of delivery from the beginning of the analysis to the build, launch, testing and managing of a website.
  • In addition to the birth of the e-Marketplace and the development of the Lifecycle, we also had to have a centralized location – or portal – to enable WSI Internet Franchise Consultants to communicate with the production centres worldwide. Our proprietary communications portal, MAPS™ was a result of this need.

G4 was characterized by sales transactions now being conducted online.

  • Companies started to overcome the issues related to security and saving billions in moving their manual transactions online.
  • WSI again made a major shift towards consulting and education - educating companies on how to leverage the Internet and profit from it. This took us to where we are today, Generation 5.

G6 2010 WSI underwent its greater change to date, developing and testing a new business model that transformed our internet consultants into Digital Marketing consultants.

Today's focus is on

  • Conversion architecture transforming surfers and searches into buyers.
  • Harnessing the power of social media to promote and validate products and services.
  • Creating and protecting a brand reputation.
  • It's about creating a presence and a line of communication on all our digital devices.

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