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               -WSI Internet Franchise, Aims to Make Child Poverty History-

March 4 2011, WSI understand that no one in today’s age should go hungry. Most importantly children shouldn’t have to feel the anguish of malnutrition. Inspired by the words of Nelson Mandela, who said, ‘Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, it is an act of justice,’…… WSI joined forces with World Vision and created its Global outreach Program in 2004 to help make child poverty history.

Vice President of Marketing for WSI Elizabeth Monaghan said, “We take for granted through our own selfishness, just how much we have. If we feel like a drink, we go to a pop machine, if we feel like a snack, we open a cupboard. Only sometimes does the majority of us open that cupboard and find it bare. When we do, we go to the grocery store, and maybe for an hour or two, do we feel our stomachs talking to us. It is impossible to imagine going days without proper nutrition, “said Monaghan.

WSI is humbled to support the MCPH project through fundraisers, sports events, cultural activities and donations. Currently, there are 1 billion children living below the standards set by the United Nations Convention in the Rights of Children. There are also countless villages left without any aid for their children. When Monaghan looks at these statistics she speaks for the company as she stresses that these numbers are the big motivator to strive and do more and reach out.

“We have always said that WSI considers itself a catalyst – working with a group of like minded individuals and corporations who know that suffering of children can be made of thing of the past”, stated Monaghan.

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WSI is the world’s leading Internet franchise offering digital marketing services to suit the needs of multiple industries. The company has the world’s largest Digital Marketing Consultants’ network with its head office in Toronto, Canada. WSI Digital Marketing Consultants have helped thousands of small and medium-sized businesses realize their online marketing potential. By using innovative Internet technologies and advanced digital marketing strategies, businesses can have a WSI Digital Marketing System tailored to their individual needs to elevate their Internet presence and profitability to new levels. In 2010, WSI was the proud recipient of 6 Standard of Excellence Awards at the Annual WebAwards Competition organized by the Web Marketing Association (WMA). With the support and cooperation of its customers, franchise network, employees, suppliers and charitable organizations, WSI aims to help make child poverty history through its global outreach program www.makechildpovertyhistory.org.

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