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What We Are Looking For:

We are first and foremost looking for candidates who want to create their own consulting business in the area of digital marketing, but who don’t want to start alone. The advantage of WSI is to bring to the table a brand, some consulting tools, a methodology, references, partners, a network of colleagues, training, and the operational support to permit new franchisees to start their business development very quickly.

WSI’s Limitless Opportunity:

As an Internet Marketing Consultant within WSI’s global network, you will have the personal and professional independence, freedom and control that you want and deserve. You will build a scalable, flexible and profitable business connected back through to our proprietary e-Marketplace, using a proven business model and a definitive formula for success. You will secure long-term business growth and successful client relationships by identifying and delivering the right Internet consulting solutions, driving qualified traffic to your clients’ websites and converting visitors into paying customers. The resulting predictable, scalable income will enable you to accomplish the lifestyle you want for yourself, and your family.

Unique Benefits:

On the financial level, our franchise is very affordable (less than $50,000 to buy a franchise including $10,000 in training), but we advise the candidate to have at least $100,000 of ready capital before launching themselves in this adventure. You need about two months to complete the initial training and start your activity. New franchisees generally begin to make their first sales in the first 3 months.

The franchisees benefit from serious initial training, including one week at the headquarters of WSI in Toronto. WSI just put in place an Education Fund which permits franchisees to complete their training very inexpensively.

Moreover, each franchisee is supported by a coach during the first three months of his or her activity, notably through a weekly telephone meeting. We equally offer an optional mentoring system: experienced franchisees who serve as consultants to help the new franchisees to make their first deals.

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